Who are we?

The Diasporan Online

The Diasporanonline magazine was founded in May 2020, by Dr. Lola Thomas.

“COVID19 gave many of us a time and a reason to reflect. In those reflections, this project was born. An idea whose time had come. What is needed was a group of people who would commit to a common goal. People willing to share their skills, their talents and their precious time in order to make a difference”

The Editors, Senior Advisors, and Editorial staff of this magazine are those people. As are their families who made the same sacrifices. Highly skilled individuals in their fields, galvanised by a possibility that in doing this we could make a difference.

What difference? If we could inspire one person to follow what seems an impossible dream, if we could inform one person about something that made their journey easier, if we could awaken a desire through experiential learning, give hope where there is little, if we could – we will begin to create a community !

The Diaspora(n) is a community-run website in a magazine format that will seek to Celebrate, Acknowledge, Commemorate, Educate, Inform, and Inspire.

The team is made up of over 30 editors and contributors and growing daily!. We hail from all over the world, each bringing a passion and desire to create this community platform. A publication that celebrates the successes of what is our “most graduated generation.” To bask in the warmth of the glory of our talented young sports and entertainment stars, while never forgetting how we all got to where we are!l We will pay homage to those who have contributed to the many successes we are witnessing today – from exceptional teachers to incredible schools…

Through its articles and feature stories, the magazine will seek to encourage and enable our communities worldwide to network and engage in dialogue wherever they may be. To discover and publicise the many small initiatives and the great work so many are doing.

Though the Classifieds section, the magazine takes on an important role.
We will be creating a respectful but voluntary register of Deaths and Condolences. Based on the traditional announcements and offerings of condolences in our newspapers, i.e., the Herald and the Chronicle. In addition to this, it will serve as a piece of archival history.

Several other sections will cover family announcements, Ie births and weddings, business cards, and networking opportunities.

The magazine will seek to provide a forum for all, based on the principles of respect and inclusivity.
Beginning with Zimbabwe’s Diaspora, we will seek to develop an online community, connecting our Homeland, creating a ‘virtual global village’.

The magazine website will be complemented with vibrant, regular lifestyle and general interest pages that will encompass diverse interests and tastes by engaging with as many of the Diaspora and those in Zimbabwe as possible.

It has become clear that our community needs and desires a forum or platform to discuss and debate social and mental health issues. Out of these discussions, the Verandah Project was born. Using multi-media and talk show/red table/panels formats, this magazine project will bring together the Diaspora and resident Zimbabweans in an attempt to debate and attempt to find solutions to the problems we all face today. To offer advice and support to those who need it. Anyone who wishes to become involved in panel discussions from any perspective will be given an opportunity to.

We will also offer free advertising when possible, for an assortment of Zimbabwean/ African owned small businesses or enterprising young start-ups. Content will need to meet our publication’s standards to be included. This will help promote the magazine and advertiser’s brands.

All editorial copy that will be supplied by the team of editors, journalists, and roving reporters, that reside globally. We will always welcome others to come on board either regularly or on an ad hoc basis. These will be developed and submitted on a free basis.

Editor-in-Chief Dr Lola Thomas – Spain
Executive Editor – Audrey Van Niekerk – USA
Charles White – UK
Michelle Adams – Australia

The Verandah Project

Mental Health Matters
Articles or presentations on Mental Well-being
Service User Groups
Support groups
Podcasts – Panel discussions/ Red Table talks

Mental Health Editors
Dr. Rachelle Thomas (Lola/ Mona) – Spain
Dr. Anni Moana – Australia
Frederick Gibson – Mentorship – uk
Agony Aunts Anon – UK/ AUS/CAN

The Walk of Fame
Feature articles /interviews with Our Zim Celebrities

Empire Building
Feature articles on the existing business successes and entrepreneurship, i.e., Start-ups

Meet Our Alumni
Feature articles on Academic Achievement, acknowledging their successes and allowing them to inspire those coming after

Verandah Project – Dr. Lola Thomas / Dr. Anni. Moana
Arts and Culture – Peggy Borden – Italy
African Tastebuds – Donovan Layton – Zimbabwe
Queen Bee – Style Icon – BD Florea – Romania
Be your own Beautiful – Patricia Moore – Canada.
Healthy Reform Michelle Hill – Australia
Travel beyond the dream – Marjory Edmonds – UK
Weddings Daze – Theembie Tse- UK
miChe&zoli Boutique – Michelle Hill – Australia
Moira Moodley – Gardening for Health – Australia
Mentorship – Frederick Gibson – UK
AfrikArt Gallery – Adrian Sheriff – UK
Malawi Gold – Bernice Adele
Angolan Angle – Sonia Rice – Portugal

Music and Entertainment Editors
The Legacy Talk Show – Michelle Adams – Australia
Bits & Pieces – David Hendrikse – United Kingdom
Maestros – Andrew Werrett – United Kingdom
Q Cash – Comedian – Zimbabwe
Good vibz. – Nikki van Biljon RSA
Tre la Vi Lounge – Trevlyn Wyngard NZ

Education Editors
Legacy Life Coaching – Henrietta De Beer – USA
Essential Moments Beauty Aesthetics – Patricia Moore – Canada
Sandra’s Stoep – Original poetry and short stories – Germany
Education series – Juby Dhana – UK
Grammar Police – Wreels

AfrikArt Gallery Adrian Sheriff

Sports Editors
Caroline Susan’s Galloway – Anyone can fish! – UK
Philip Zulu’s futsal programme – UK
Charlie’s Sports Column – UK

Robin Fisher – Digital Architect – UK

David Domingo – Entrepreneurship -/UK

Faith Editors
Pastor Ken’s Christian Faith Page – RSA
Riaz Cook – Muslim Faith Page – UK

Politics Editor
Berties Politics Page – UK

The Classifieds – Lola Thomas

In Memoriam – Respectful record of Deaths and Condolences
General Family announcements
Births, Marriages, and Graduations
Business cards
Business advertisements

Associate Editors

Ryan Koriya
Mbizo Chirasha
Beulah Kleinveldt
Caldon Thomas

Media Links and Collaborations

London Soul Radio
Malawi FM Radio – Carl Gilbert – TBC
Kenni Gambo – South Africa

Africa Model

Bernice Adele – Malawi
Thomas Teketse – Uganda
Rashid Mohamed – Morocco
Theembie Tte – Tanzania

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