“It is important to preserve ocean life and birds so they don’t become extinct. Only we can look after them and we need oxygen from trees to live. It is important for children to get involved with conservation to learn how to look after nature for our future.” Romario Moodley

Romario Moodley is in the history books as the youngest Ocean Sole ambassador, He brought awareness to the damage caused to ocean life through the way we pollute our waters. He is a established fundraiser , having exceeded expectations in his quest to raise money for a local bird sanctuary. He is also a talented Artist!

He’s has featured on 50/50, has been in National Geographic, and several others .

And now this young eco warrior is being featured in a book by British-Australian author, Leisa Stewart-Sharpe’s book “What a Wonderful World” as a young environmentalist, earth shaker. It will be released on 19th August 2021.


She is also the author of Blue Planet II, foreword by Sir David Attenborough.

What an incredible honour for Romario to be included at his tender age to be included amongst other eco warriors !

I have retired!!..This marks the end of four decades and more of being an educator. I marvel at how swiftly the years have flown. What a privileged life I’ve lead. The many wonderful children, great colleagues, and appreciative parents have made my life meaningful.
I have been lucky to have taught in both Primary and Secondary. The little people so eager and full of discovery!! I have had something to laugh about every single day in the early years. It kept me grounded.

Music has been at the centre of my life in and out of school. God gifted me with the ability to use it to bring love and joy and an appreciation of its many benefits.
The school assemblies, class and grade concerts, church services, Eisteddfodds and more…

I wonder how many remember Louis Mountbatten being the first school of colour to win the coveted Junior Mixed choir trophy, my first big win early in my teaching career.
Who remembers Belvedere Primary School’s many wins of the same Junoir Schools Mixed choir trophy years later? Or Belvedere’s televised shows on Mbuya Mlambo’s children’s programs?.We worked so hard to perfect these shows Mrs Lorraine Marshall A perfect team. Our Carols by Candle light services were pure magic with the Salvation Army band in attendance.

St. Michael’s Prep School where our services and concerts ensured House-full audiences. Wonderful boys!! More Eisteddfod trophies and children leading church services under the guidance of Sr Margaret and the wonderful staff, Catherine Shadwell .

Hartmann House was magical!! Not so Paul Nenjerama?!..Year on year of continued delight in ensuring the superb retention of the Juniour School Boys trophy… Our Christmas shows were first class, we even had a parents and friends band!!..Thank you Dr De Sousa , Vincent Haddad, and Gerald Hickey. Fun rehearsals!!
The Carmina Burana!!!..Wow did the boys rise to the occasion under the baton of the brilliant Paul Colman !!…Parents uncomplainingly spending their Saturdays carting boys to and from rehearsals. We couldn’t have done any of it without them.

St George’s College…What can I say??…The boys thrived on music!!…Again the enviable reputation established the many years before was fiercely held!!…trophy after trophy, year on year, from all our year groups!!.. Fr. Paul Edwards and Vincent Haddad lead the highly emotive Advent Service signaling the end of a busy year and the coming of reflection, relaxation and family time.
My afternoon choir sessions in the 80s at Allan Wilson, Girls High and Blakiston were wonderful. I met so many ex-Belvedere pupils there who encouraged others to attend choir practices I had huge groups to make music with.

My biggy was the Junior Combined Schools Choirs. The late Peter Joyce handed the baton to me and I didn’t look back. I directed these over 16 years helped by Alan Mayger, of Chisipite Jnr, and the different school Heads when they had to host the show. This massed choir was made up of twelve schools, four hundred voices, wonderful music teachers, a band of great friends- Liz Matthews (who so generously and brilliantly, became my right-hand partner and accompanist from the 70s and then over the many years), Vincent Haddad from the beginning!! With Rachel (keyboard), and Gerhard Van Stryp (bass guitar.)

My time here in the UK has been different and yet the same!!..Children are children wherever you are. I have loved being in the classroom, and also making music!!
I have been bowled over by the amazing dedication displayed by children. Choirs are totally voluntary. It is humbling to see them attend week after week; giving up their break times, eating lunch in record time to attend micro-practices; the respect, fun and acceptance by them has been truly humbling.

My Deputy Head sent me a lovely message this morning where she says, ‘Ava, Christmas wont be the same without you’) Lol… Not me, I think, but the enthusiastic singing of carols and Feliz Navidad by the wonderful children…
I must explain that I was in the classroom teaching and when done for the day, racing all over the place to take my choirs!! Gloriously busy!!

A massive ‘THANK YOU’ to each and every one of you for making the years fly by, filled with amazing memories that I will always cherish.

None of this would have been possible without the love, encouragement, sacrifices, guidance and full support of my darling, God-fearing, hardworking parents, grandparents, siblings, treasured husband Edgar and our beautiful family…Cyrus, Jodi, Lucas and Edgar.

From: Bloomberg.com, Godfrey Marawanyika

Bravura Holdings Ltd., owned by Nigerian billionaire Benedict Peters, has $1 billion available for the development of a platinum mine in Zimbabwe, its country manager said.

The 3,000 hectare (7,413-acre) concession where it plans to dig the mine is in Selous, 80 kilometers (50 miles) south of Zimbabwe’s capital Harare and close to existing platinum mines.

“From where we are now, we will go to resource definition, after that we will go to resource modeling, after mine development and then mine construction,” Lionel Mhlanga, Bravura’s manager in the southern African country, said in an interview at the mine on Nov. 6. “Those are all things that should happen in the next 18 months.”

Bravura is one of a number of little-known companies that have secured platinum concessions in Zimbabwe as the government seeks to kick start its stagnant economy. Still, established platinum miners haven’t announced plans to expand their operations. While Zimbabwe has the world’s third-largest platinum group metal reserves, investors have been deterred by frequent changes to mining laws and currency policies.

In addition to Bravura, Russian and Cypriot companies have announced plans to invest in Zimbabwean platinum mines.

For more on Zimbabwe’s platinum plans click here

Peters owns Aiteo Eastern E & P Company Ltd., Nigeria’s biggest domestic oil producer, but has little experience in mining.

Still, the group also intends to explore mining lithium, rare earth minerals and tin in Zimbabwe, Mhlanga said.

It’s also seeking to mine cobalt in the Democratic Republic of Congo, copper in Zambia, gold in Ghana and iron ore in Guinea, he said. 

Namibia and Botswana could also be options for the company, he said.

Isaac, who has been following the exploits of Marvelous Nakamba, Khama Billiat, Marshall Munetsi, Knowledge Musona, and Tino Kadewere, could be a coup for the Zimbabwe National team U17 or the Young Warriors. Rather this 16-year-old born on September 22nd, 2004 in England than those that bring players from low ranking clubs in the Development Squads. Isaac, who is on the books, started with Liverpool at eight years of age.

Able to play as a winger or wing-back, I watched him as a linkman, and I can say I have seen another Seth Patrick who practically dominates the midfield. That is what we need in our national team, players with guts, skill, and intelligence.

He played for England U15 on April 27th, 2019, aged 14, and later in August for the U16’s still aged 14 and 11 months and followed by games against Denmark, Japan, Russia, Ireland, and Mexico for England U16 in 2019 as a right back.

Klopp has taken a fancy at this utility player who is now in the Liverpool U18 squad.
His dad David who worked as a Pharmacist at Bulawayo Hospitals up to 2000, relocated to England. The family comes from Mutare.

I only hope that ZIFA can see beyond their blinkers and be more serious and professional to woo such players. Isaac has expressed his keenness to play for Zimbabwe. He can change as he is under the age stipulated by FIFA.

8 years before Rosa Parks Viola Desmond was a trailblazer ….

(The elderly woman in the pictures is Viola’s sister, Wanda Robson. She’s been present for all the accolades on behalf of Viola Desmond

November 8, 1946: Viola Desmond refused to sit in the balcony (where Black people were supposed to sit) and sat downstairs in a New Glasgow, Halifax theatre. She was arrested and subsequently charged with “defrauding the government”—the one-cent difference in entertainment tax between downstairs and balcony seats.

Viola Davis Desmond was a Black Nova Scotian who was granted a posthumous pardon, the 1st to be granted in Canada. The government of Nova Scotia also apologized for convicting her for tax evasion, when, in fact, she was resisting a “whites only” discrimination policy in a movie theatre in 1946.

Desmond’s story was one of the most publicized incidents of racial discrimination in Canadian history. Desmond acted 9 years before the famed incident by civil-rights activist Rosa Parks, with whom Desmond is often compared.

On November 8, 1946, Viola Desmond refused to sit in the balcony designated exclusively for blacks in the Roseland Theatre in New Glasgow but, instead, she took her seat on the ground floor where only white people were allowed to sit. After being forcibly removed from the theatre and arrested, Desmond was eventually found guilty of not paying the one-cent difference in tax on the balcony ticket from the main floor theatre ticket. She was fined $20 ($251.30 in 2010) and court costs ($6). She paid the fine but decided to fight the charge in court.

During subsequent trials the government insisted on arguing that this was a case of tax evasion. Retail sales tax was calculated based on the price of the theatre ticket. Since the theatre would only agree to sell the Black woman a cheaper balcony ticket, but she had insisted upon sitting in the more expensive main floor seat, she was one cent short on tax. For her crime of so-called tax evasion, she was removed from the theatre, thrown in jail overnight, tried without counsel, convicted and fined.

During the trial, no one admitted that Viola Desmond was Black, and that the theatre maintained a racist seating policy. The trial proceeded as if it related to race-neutral tax evasion. All efforts to have the conviction overturned at higher levels of court failed. Her lawyer returned her fee which she used to set up a fund that was eventually used to support activities of the Nova Scotia Association for the Advancement of Coloured People (NSAACP).

After the trial, Desmond closed her business and then moved to Montreal where she could enroll in a business college. She eventually settled in New York where she died on February 7, 1965 at the age of 50.

✊🏽While the case received little attention outside of Nova Scotia, it has since gained notoriety as one of many cases fought for civil rights in the mid-20th century. Many of those familiar with Viola Desmond’s courageous stand compare her to famed civil-rights activist, Rosa Parks and her 1955 refusal to vacate a bus seat so that a white passenger could sit down.

✊🏽On April 14, 2010, the Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia, Mayann Francis, on the advice of her premier, invoked the Royal Prerogative and granted Desmond a posthumous pardon, the first such to be granted in Canada. The government of Nova Scotia also apologized.

✊🏽In 2018, Desmond became the 1st Canadian-born woman to appear alone on a Canadian bank note—a $10 bill which was unveiled by Finance Minister Bill Morneau and Bank of Canada governor Stephen Poloz during a ceremony at the Halifax Central Library on March 8, 2018. Wanda Robson, Desmond’s sister was present.

✊🏽Desmond was also named a National Historic Personin 2018.